Thesis Research

'Ripe' a dance for the camera created by
Marney Schaumann.

Created as my thesis creative project.

Please read on to find out more about my thesis research.

The film starts immediately, even while it is downloading. Please stop it and start over to see the film from the beginning.


My thesis research involves pregnancy, motherhood, and women in contemporary modern dance. As a cultural body, the pregnant body is highly complex. It defies simple definition, is highly symbolic, and often holds conflicting connotations. For any women the decision to have a child is monumental, but for dancing women, whose bodies are their means of livelihood, the decision is even weightier.

Through my research I am questioning what we expect of dancing bodies and trying to discover where the pregnant form fits into those expectations. I am looking at the cultural meaning and symbolism of this highly contextualized body. Some of the ideas we prescribe to this body are natural, grotesque, beautiful, delicate, and even sexy.

I am also researching what it is like to be a dancing woman who is also a mother. I have interviewed over thirty women in various areas of contemporary dance who are in different stages of their lives and careers. Balancing the demands of a full-time career in dance and motherhood is a precarious act. I hope that through these interviews dancing women can come to see that they are not alone in their endeavors as artists and mothers.

As part of my creative research, I choreographed, filmed, and edited "Ripe." My intention with this film is to show how highly able the pregnant body can be.

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